Australian Literature: An Overview

PS 2st, Mi 08-10, S 91/GWI
(BA (1.2), A4, A7; BA IS; Lehramt (A4, A4a; VM Lit; MAIAS electives)
SoSe 2016
Universität Bayreuth

The literature of Australia is a kaleidoscope of nature, culture and places. This course aims at providing a broad overview of the rich diversity Australian literature displays. We will start with dreamtime stories such as “Why Emu cannot fly” to get an impression of the Aboriginal people and their spiritual connection to the land. In a second step we will trace the impact of British colonisation as portrayed in selected literary works and historical documents. The British struggle with the harsh environmental conditions, the racial politics endangering the Aboriginal people, and the development of a multi-ethnic Australia taking aspects of identity construction into consideration will be discussed in the course of the seminar.

Texts to be obtained by students:
Sally Morgan. My Place
Miles Franklin. My Brilliant Career
Kim Scott. That Deadman Dance

Course Overview: Course Overview Australian Literature
Books available in the “Semesterapparart”: SA  ZB 238