British Dystopian Fiction

BA (1.2), A4, A7; BA IS; Lehramt (A4, A4a; VM Lit; MAIAS electives)
PS 2st, Do 12-14 in S 1.31 (Prieserstraße)
WS 2016/2017
Universität Bayreuth

First Meeting: 20.10.2016

In this course we will deal with literary examples of an extreme way of depicting alternative societies. Dystopian fiction, which can be regarded as a harsh reaction to the disturbing condition of its time, features a world dominated by human misery. We will discuss which aspects of social life are addressed through the depiction of alternative societies and in which way this can be done. In order to understand the complexity of the criticism included, we will also consider the socio-political background of these works.

Texts to be obtained by students:
Aldous Huxley. Brave New World
William Golding. Lord of the Flies
E.M. Forster. The Machine Stops
George Orwell. 1984

Please register for this seminar and by October 14, 2016.

Please note that the total number of participants is limited to 30 persons!