London Literature

PS 2st., Mi 16-18,
BA (1.2), Lehramt, MAIAS elective
SoSe 2011
Universität Bayreuth

Course Description

Ever since its foundation, London has attracted people’s attention. During the course of time not only people from all over the world moved to this fascinating city, but also a variety of writers have created their own vision of this unique place. In this course we will read selected works which picture the circumstances of living in London from various angles. Apart from considering different modes of representation ranging from classical portrayals to highly experimental works, we will also focus on the historical background and the implications of the literary works. Theoretical considerations and critical essays will help us to get access to the selected works and read them in their time. Finally it is the aim of this course to create a complex impression of a city whose diversity is hard to grasp.

Texts to be obtained by students:

Geoff Ryman, 253
Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere
Andrea Levy, Small Island
Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist