Victorian Short Stories

PS 2st., Do 10-12, S 78/ NWII
BA Teilgebiet 1.2., A4, A7; MAIAS elective; Lehramt
SoSe 2015
Universität Bayreuth

Credit certificates can be collected from my office (Nürnbergerstraße) during my office hours!

In this seminar we will concentrate on selected short stories featuring the Victorian Age. We will start with determining the characteristics that define the short story format including structural and compositional patterns, before studying selected works by Victorian writers such as Elizabeth Gaskell, Charles Dickens or Thomas Hardy. The topics addressed in the short stories are just as complex as the writing styles of the authors. Hence, social concerns and developments will be discussed in reference to their literary representations. Accompanied by secondary sources shedding light on specific aspects addressed in the selected works, this seminar aims to create awareness of the diversity that is inherent to these stories and that thereby represent the Victorian Age.

Texts to be obtained by students:
Denisoff, Dennis, ed. The Broadview Anthology of Victorian Short Stories 

Course Overview: Victorian Short Stories (pdf-file)

Books available in the “Semesterapparart”: SA  ZB 238